1st. Microblading Initial Session (Touch-up not included).    $300

1st. Ombre Brows session (Touch-up not included).             $350

1st. Combo Brows session (Touch-up not included).             $375      

Touch-ups *for returning clients only!*


6 to 12 weeks *from 1st session*.         $100

3 to 10 Months *from 1st session*.        $175

Yearly Refresher *for returning clients only!*

11 to 23 Months *from last Touch-Up*.                 $250

FULL PRICE After 24 Months *from last session*

Old Tattoo Cover-up (MUST consult first! You must send a picture of your current eyebrows and be approved by me before making an appointment.)

"I don't do $200 brows, I fix them!"